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Less Stress Holiday Season Part 1

Holidays are wonderful… and somehow always extra stressful. Here’s how I’m handling it this year.

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Erin Marie Bassett.

I'm a Millennial Mama navigating the world as best I can and sharing what I've learned the hard way.

I believe in Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole living and support Women Owned Businesses.

I read, I write, I don't like cooking and I love coffee.

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A Classic

Starting A Skincare Routine Saved My Life

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Yes it is October but my friends in the Twin Cities already had snow and technically it flurried in Chicago today. So we’re going to talk cozy. Psychologists believe that when we want to be cozy, what we are actually looking for is the feeling of a hug. And weighted blankets went viral for the way […]

6 Ways to Get Cozy

A Few of My Favorite Things

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Nothing like periods to really get me talking!

Why I Switched to a Menstrual Cup


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Here are all the calls for the week ahead!

Let’s Talk About It

Woman Owned

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I thought cast iron and stainless steel were scary… then I used them and fell in love.

Forever Cookware


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$1 of each gift set sold is going to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

Give while the gettin is good

Woman Owned

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Exfoliating… because humans don’t molt.

THE Secret to Amazing Skin

Self Care

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It has done WAY more than improve my skin.

Starting a Skincare Routine Saved My Life

Self Care

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My Favorite Candles from Local Chicago Women Owned Businesses (and an anthro one)

Light It Up

Woman Owned

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Meal Planning with cookbooks and notebook

I am obsessed with Cookbooks. Here are my current favorite plant-based ones.

12 Plant-Based Cookbooks To Start Your Vegan Food Journey


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