Getting a coveted internship with Fosters and Associates is exactly what Liz Collins needs to start her career path off on the right foot. With her big girl pencil skirt on she arrives at her first day only seconds late. But it isn’t the clock that has her flustered. No, it’s the really attractive man she ran into who happens to be one of her fellow interns. 

Here For It


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Kyle Sutherland doesn’t need this internship, but his Aunt said he can’t work for her fresh out of grad school. He’ll bide his time over the next 8 weeks, learn what he can, and make connections that will help him with his role at YouthFull, his Aunt’s after school program. When the girl from the lobby the day of his interview slides into him on the first day of the job he decides there might be more to working at Fosters than he expected.

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Kyle is drawn to Liz's bubbly personality and her charming sense of humor. Liz is drawn to Kyle's stoic nature and appreciation of snack foods. Oh, and his strong shoulders. When sparks fly between them can they navigate the challenges of exes, bosses, and distance? Or will things fizzle out at the end of the summer?

It's been a week of dating but I think back to how he's been supportive all summer. How he has encouraged me. And doubted my doubt. He makes me feel like I can believe in myself. 


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I never thought I’d be thankful to an octogenarian for sex tips but, yeah, thank you Agatha Sanderson.


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