She's got a plan, he's go-with-the-flow. Will these opposites attract and end up being exactly what the other needs?

But it's about to get better!

Nora is having a bad day...

It is so lovely to have you visit today! I'm a self-published author of romance novels. It was a daydream for too many years and now all the stories are pouring out!

Story Teller, Self Care Seller, Consumer of Almond Milk Lattes

I'm Erin Marie Bassett

Hi there!

Writing with Heart, Heat and Spit-Takes

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Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Color: Green

Superpower: Writing (but didn't publish her first novel until she was 37 years old)

Erin is also a Beautycounter brand advocate.

She volunteers at her kids' school, a lot.

When she's not writing, or reading, she's productively procrastinating, embroidering,  gardening, but rarely cleaning.

The farmers market is her happy place she can visit regularly.

The Badia a Coltibuono winery in Tuscany is her all time favorite place.

Meghan Quinn is her favorite romance author.

Quick Facts

Top secret!

Wanna know what's coming up next?! Same. Erin shares details on her upcoming projects including exclusive excerpts!

Works In Progress

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Erin reads an average of one book per week. The best place to keep up is on Instagram but when she's productively procrastinating she write reviews!

Book Reviews

Steve Jobs

The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.

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