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I'm a born storyteller ("Long story, long" is a phrase I use often) and I want to use my natural knack for it to help you tell yours. Small businesses hire me to rewrite website copy and create content plans. Direct Sales Reps work with me to hone their message and grow their sales. And people from all walks of life appreciate my book reviews and insights on S.L.O.W. Living. And romance novel fans everywhere read my books!

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Here For It

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A fun, flirty, and heartwarming romance from Erin Marie Bassett

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Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole living. I'm always learning more and more about this way of life and I want to inspire others to try it too. 

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BC Mentor

I believe everyone can excell at Social Selling; it's as easy as recommending things you like. I also understand it isn't for everyone. I answer a lot of questions and welcome more so...


Hire me for your small businesses. I work with two clients at a time so there might be a waitlist but you can learn more about my process, pricing and get on the waitlist below.


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