In Don't Call It Puppy Love, Angie Lewis asks herself an age-old question; can a challenge to go on 25 dates before her 25th birthday help her get over her decade long crush on her older brother's best friend? 

Don't Call It Puppy Love


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UGH! That’s it.

Being obsessed with my brother’s best friend for the last 10 years has brought me nothing but heartache. And maybe the midnight toast alcohol is still swimming through my system but this is a good idea.

I’ll go on 25 dates before my 25th birthday. A stunt like that is bound to drum up someone who will look at me as an adult and treat me as such. In bed. Hoo-ha! 

Okay, maybe I’m still drunk.

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But this could work. Even though Holden Monaghan is an expert at picking up girls, heck even the app he developed to support animal shelters became a dating tool, he’ll never see me as anything more than his buddy’s little sister. Honestly, I get more kisses from his dog Fred than I’ve gotten from any man lately.

Except things seem to be changing with Holden. There’s that time he caught me dancing, and how well we work together on the designs for his house. Oh and that time I took my shirt off in front of him. And we can’t forget what happened when we shared a bed in a snowstorm. Maybe everyone in town can see what I can’t, that what Holden and I have is more than puppy love. 

Even a dead man's heart would race with the way her stance makes her backside pop. When she's right under my nose, I inhale quickly and am reminded of a hot fudge sundae. Sweet and sultry. Cozy and decadent.


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