The last thing Nora Heely expected when she woke up today was to find herself stranded in a thunderstorm. With a dead phone. In upstate New York. 
But plans change. One dead geriatric cat, one work deal gone sideways, and one little mistake of not checking her gas tank while deciding at the last minute to spend the week with her best friend, means Nora is stuck.

Upstate Expectations


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Life is good for Jimmy Lewis, he’s the third generation owner of his family’s hardware store. He and his sister work together to remodel homes in their community. And, sure he might not have a girlfriend but he knows a good thing when he sees it. He just hasn’t seen it, yet.

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When Jimmy pulls over to help a stranded driver is he up to the challenge of convincing this redhead to stay? When Nora hikes up her pencil skirt and climbs in his truck is she ready to let someone else behind the wheel?

I was raw, I was full of emotion...and for him to simply listen, not try to solve it, was exactly what I needed. 
I didn’t know that’s what I needed.
But he did.


On How Jimmy Makes Her Feel


I noticed her as soon as she stepped into the coffee shop. All my thoughts in the last twelve hours have been of her.


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