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Summer Morning Skincare Routine

June 23, 2022

Skincare specialized for summer – cleanse, prep, treat, protect with Dew Skin SPF!

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When I made this on Instagram I was able to attach Sheryl Crow’s Soak Up The Sun.

My entire morning skincare routine is amazing but sometimes in the summer I just want to make the most of the daylight and I slim it down. Beautycounter released the All Bright Triple Acid AHA Toner earlier this summer and it is now a key component of my morning routine.

It’s refreshing and the bright sunny yellow bottle has such a happy vibe!

This routine is:

  • 4 Steps
  • 3 Mins or less
  • SPF Included

My Summer Sunny Clean Routine:

Step 1: Countertime Lipid Defense Oil Cleanser
Oil based cleansers grab sweat and spf and makeup anything that might be “waterproof” ~ apply to dry skin then using damp fingers massage the oil until it is milky and then rinse clean.

Step 2: *NEW* All Bright Triple Acid AHA Toner
Acid blend, kombucha and niacinamide combine to balance skin’s pH, refine pores, gently exfoliate and nourish for brighter skin in an instant ~ apply to a cotton pad and swipe across face starting with 1-2x per week working up to once a day (on non All Bright Toner days I use Countercontrol Instant Matte Toner) always follow an AHA product with SPF because it can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Step 3: Glow First Priming Serum
Part skincare part makeup this serum hydrates skin and helps makeup (in this case tinted spf) stay put for the day.

Step 4: Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer
Safer SPF for you and the planet – physical sun protection with a hint of tint and responsibly sourced mica to dial up the glow factor ~ press a few pumps onto skin then gently blend.

Done! ?

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