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September 6, 2022

My Favorite Candles from Local Chicago Women Owned Businesses (and an anthro one)

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You know when you walk into Anthropologie and all you smell is the Blue Volcano candle? It’s all at once exciting and familiar.

Scent plays an important role in memory. [Harvard wrote about it] Even without reading that article you probably know what I’m talking about.

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Indoor pools.


Fresh cut grass.

Maybe you didn’t buy the dELiA*s Fresh Cut Grass roll-on perfume like I did as a kid but either way it conjures up soccer games, chores or being outside at a backyard fete.

With fall coming we will enjoy the smells of leaves falling and decaying outside but we will have a “signature scent” inside. Years ago my sister-in-law found the “New Home” candle and I promptly copied her and placed them all over our house. This is still our favorite home scent and my choice for all housewarming gifts but I have also branched out to others.

Nicolet Candle Company | nicoletcandle.com

Clean, hand-poured scents. Bergamot and Tarragon is the closest to the New Home signature scent we burn in the front room. Olive Blossom is the one I light on my desk when it is work time. And Forest Pine is our holiday candle.

EMO Candles | emocandles.com

It took me a while to pick a favorite but Hungover got me because the hint of tomato was fun, unexpected and adds a freshness to the scent. Erin even dishes out candle care tips which I appreciate!

Baking Candle | anthropologie.com

I am a sucker for anything that nests or has a multi-use ability. So when I saw this candle in it’s adorable baking dish I took a closer look. Actually, a closer sniff. And the dang thing smells like fresh baked bread! It came home with me and will burn in the kitchen (along side the Hungover candle honestly they pair really well together!)

the anthropologie link is an affiliate link and if you click through and make a purchase I will earn a commission for my recommendation

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