A Night Out at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Day-to-day life doesn’t always take me to super fancy places. We tend to stick to our neighborhood. But when you call one of the nation’s largest cities home things can get fancy quick.

I had the opportunity to attend a preview event of the new dining spaces at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. The famous hotel has opened three unique spaces – a coffee and cocktail lounge in the lobby, a speakeasy bar and an American brasserie restaurant and bar.

Any of them would be perfect for a celebratory night!

(And I’m here to say we should celebrate every day.)

When we entered the lobby to our left was the Peacock Lounge – a cozy space with bookshelves and beautiful fireplace. Lush furniture was arranged to make conversation. I could easily see myself spending a morning there for a business chat over espresso. And a drink before dinner or a night caps on the way up to the room.

For our evening there were desserts on the bookshelves and passed cocktails and a harpist. Oh, and also several people in Marie Antoinette-esc costumes and we got to get a little bit harassed by her jester when we got a stamp on our passport for visiting the space. I could tell right away that this was going to be a special night.

My friend Liza and I chit-chatted with a few people from my old blogging days (Kit, Jenn, Peggy and Samantha) and even bumped into a parent from our kids’ school. We also continued to be amazed by the scene and attention to detail and the entire atmosphere.

We then made our way up to Bernards for a cocktail and mocktail. This room is speakeasy meets highland den meets Great Gatsby. Their cocktails are expertly crafted and a small menu of items to “nosh” on while you enjoy the scene and company you’re with.

Liza and I snuggled up on a chair and enjoyed our drinks while we were serenaded by a lounge singer. We discussed everything from our husband’s fashion, the shoes we wore to our weddings and how gross kids are.

After Bernards we went upstairs to Brasstack, the American brasserie. Another set of crafted cocktails awaited as did an oversized charcuterie spread. The full menu wasn’t available to us that night but we previewed a few bites (quiche, flatbread and a tres leches cake with coffee mousse dessert that was amazing).

We found a spot in the back where Diana Gomez was hand rolling cigars. We consulted with the creators and picked a few stogies to bring home. Dan will enjoy one this weekend.

There was one last room to visit. The Gallery Salon, a private event space perfect for a shower, reception or luncheon. For us, the room was covered in desserts arranged artfully among books and candles.

Let me just say that the creme brûlée was heaven. The macrons were perfection and I can’t even describe the chocolate creations as anything besides delicious.

We received a goodie bag with a to go cocktail inspired by Coco Chanel. The No5 is made with Grey Goose Le Citron, yuzu, Jasmine tea butterfly pea syrup, oleo saccharum and a spritz of rose water and it is a lovely mauve hue.

The goodie bag also included another cigar (lucky Dan) and a bundt cake.

The next time you need to take your day to the next level of luxe consider a visit to the Waldorf Astoria. I’ll see you there!

Thank you to JKLS PR for the invitation to this event!


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