In My Hockey Romance Era

The NHL season starts this week and I’m using it as an excuse to read hockey romances. Plus, like Jenna in 13 Going On 30, the dream is to marry a hockey player. Lucky for me I did! (Go Butchers!)

The Vancouver Agitators Series by Meghan Quinn

My absolute favorites.

Kiss and Don’t Tell

Book one follows Winnie Berlin on an adventure up to Banff, Canada (this book is the reason I bought this sweatshirt). She ends up stranded in a cabin with five hockey players. One in particular, Pacey Lawes, the goalie, catches her eye and she catches his. Over the course of a few days they fall for each other hard and then have to navigate the challenges of life outside of the cabin.

Those Three Little Words

Pacey’s little sister, Penny Lawes, works for the Agitators and no one can blame her for taking her shot at a hot night with team hottie, Eli Hornsby, on Valentine’s Day. Which is also his birthday. Well folks, a few weeks later Penny learns she is pregnant and thus begins a humor filled journey for both of them as they create a family of their own.

Right Man, Right Time

Silas Tater is in a pickle. His ex-girlfriend now works for his team. They’d been together since high school and when their relationship ended he was left wondering where things went wrong. Ollie Owens is a college senior competing in a internship program that will make or break her career. When her office nemeses slash classmate shows up on the arm of her ex she improvs herself a boyfriend with the hot guy sitting alone at the bar. Ollie approaches Silas, they kiss, fake it for a minute, but when it comes time for Ollie to leave Silas decides to have Ollie return the favor by pretending to be his girlfriend at a few team events. Well, fake turns real fast for them both and we get to enjoy their journey through it all.

He’s Not My Type – Coming Nov. 28, 2023

Book 4 of the series features Roommates to Lovers and a Dirty MMC. Can’t wait!

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

College students Stassie and Nate have to figure out how to share ice time when one of the rinks on campus, well, melts. Their first meeting is anything but cute. But as both try to get what they want out of their sport they continue to be thrown together and test whether they can rely on each other. The side characters are a delight and it feels like an ensemble cast in some ways!

My Hockey Romance Series by Lauren Blakely

Three Why Choose Happily Ever After romances feature heartfelt and hunky hockey players. The stories all start with the FMC (Female Main Character) getting dumped and finding herself in the capable hands of not one, but two hockey heroes. Readers get a front row seat to their throuple adventures because at the end of the day, sharing is caring.


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