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Motherhood has put my boobs through a lot. And I’ll be honest, even before they endured pregnancy and breastfeeding I’m not sure I had a good fitting bra.

Earlier this year I was introduced to Vibrant Body Company’s underwear. It didn’t take long for me to switch all my underwear in the drawer and I didn’t know I could love a bra until I had a fitting with the bra designer, Heidi.

It was a bit of an education to learn about how many chemicals are in modern fabrics. Pesticides, Chlorine Bleach, Flame Retardants, Formaldehyde, Heavy Metals and Dyes that can contribute to allergies and cancer. That just sucks. And after all the effort I’ve gone through to put clean ingredients on my skin I cringe to think of the damage from my clothes.

It wasn’t a tough sell to switch to Vibrant’s certified clean items.

Plus the underwear is silky soft and comfortable. The tank tops are amazing and the shelfie tank is lovely for sleeping. And the bras… after getting properly fitted, it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn.

Heidi, pictured here, is the woman who designed the bra. She created a cup that provides support and shape without an underwire. And once she put me in the right bra I was so surprised and how well it fit, and how good it looked!

Later in September there will be another bra fitting event at Love, Charlie (details to follow) but if you aren’t in Chicago you can schedule a virtual fitting with Heidi and get yourself set up in the right bra!

And if you’re not looking to switch out of your sports bra just yet go ahead and snag 15% off your first order of undies and tanks with the code ERINB15 at check out!


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