Mindset Over Matter | My Social Selling Success Secret

I have been a Beautycounter consultant for just over a year. In that year I have learned about my product but, more importantly, I have learned how to sell. What’s the secret?

Selling is 95% mindset.

Because network marketing and social selling involve pitching a product to people you know personally there is an intimidation factor. All the feels from being a high schooler come back and you wonder if someone is going to like you if you talk to them about your product.

But before I started selling it I would recommend it to people and even pass along the name of my consultant so I was doing the job and not getting paid for it. Which means my mind wasn’t in the right place to be a sales person. Selling felt icky. That personal gain taints my motives. Thankfully I was self-aware enough to challenge this thinking.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

“Money is the root of all evil.”

So what is it? Am I destined for damnation for wanting to eat lunch? For wanting the $2 extra avocado? I started with Beautycounter to make more money for our family. So we could save some for the future yes but so we could also take vacations together and more easily afford the services that make mommy less stressed out (grocery delivery being the main one here).

Network marketing allows me the flexibility to be at school drop off and pick up and manage the volume of my activity based on the season of my life. Busier time with the kids means less time with the work and vice versa.

In reality I went with Beautycounter because my consultant asked me to join (actually, she asked me like 4 times and it took 3 years to say yes). It was only after I enrolled that I realized I’d made a smart business decision.

  1. Everyone washes some part of their body every day and can benefit from safer products.
  2. People will need refills of their products.
  3. There is a social mission to get behind.

Consumers today want safe products and they want to support companies that are building more than their bottom line. Beautycounter has been a Certified B Corp since day one. Our products are made without over 1,800 ingredients that are either known or suspected carcinogens, endocrine disruptors or allergens. We have sustainable sourcing practices in place to ensure the highest standards throughout our supply chain. We advocate lawmakers to pass health protective laws.

Even with all this to back me up I would still have days where my F.E.A.R.s (False Evidence Appearing Real) would trip me up.

It takes practice but I now approach my Beautycounter conversations with sure thing energy. Because this mantra is playing in my head all day long.

SW, SW, SW (Some Will, Some Won’t Someone’s Waiting)

I like to think of my Beautycounter business like a boutique. Some customers come into the store looking to buy. Some come in just to browse. Some walk past and never come in. And someone else doesn’t even know my boutique exists.

When someone walks into a boutique and doesn’t buy something does the shop owner take it personally? I hope not! But does that shop owner get super pumped when someone makes a purchase? I hope so!

That’s how I feel. Beautycounter products are top notch. They’re effective. They’re safe. Do I think everyone should switch? Yes. Am I offended or hurt when someone doesn’t? Not anymore. SW, SW, SW.

Why did it take a year for me to figure this out? Well our brains actually try to make us feel confused. It tries to make us doubt ourselves. Because when we are confused or doubting ourselves we don’t take action. When we don’t take action our brain thinks we’ve eliminated the risk of feeling the feelings that come with a rejection.

But the thing is when we don’t take action we also miss out on the reward. The rewards? Being proud of ourselves. Learning from experience. Building confidence. Commissions.

Listen, I make 25-35% of my sales so when you buy a lipstick for $36 on average I’m pocketing $10. That’s two oat milk lattes. (You’re right, one and a half oat milk lattes). And sure it all adds up over the course of a month which means the oat milk lattes that make me a happier person contribute to my confidence in having more Beautycounter conversations.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Henry Ford

Because I have signed up to be a Beautycounter advocate I have made it my job to have conversations about safer personal care products. I plan to make my way through everyone I know but if you want to have the conversation sooner hit me up! 312-847-2578


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