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Using your voice activates your vagus nerve which helps to calm you down. Save yourself the stress of interpreting tone in a text and let’s chat! Here are the calls I have coming up this week:

Monday 10/10 | Beautycounter OpportunitTEA Call | 7pm Central

Join Beautycounter Senior Managers Erin Bassett and Kelsey Kersting for this opportuniTEA call.

Fill a mug with your favorite evening bevvie (we won’t ask what’s in it) and let’s chat about the business side of Beautycounter.

We joined Beautycounter for different reasons and the reason we keep doing Beautycounter everyday changes. Right now is the best time to join! ($20 enrollment plus a 10% bonus through the end of the year) 

We’ll answer all your questions (how much we make, what’s the catch, what do we love about it, what don’t we love about it and whether we load knives sharp end down or up in the dishwasher)

Click here to text me for the invite. Can’t wait to chat!

Wednesday 10/12 & Thursday 10/13 | Holiday 2022 Power Pop-up | 7pm Central

Excited to get together and get into the Holiday spirit! (Or just spirits in general)

Every year Beautycounter releases a collection of limited-edition sets for the holidays and this year they’re 🔥🔥🔥 we’ve got NEW skincare, body and makeup products plus travel sizes of our best sellers! 

Plus for every gift set sold in October I am donating a $1 to the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners organization which is working to cure breast cancer by tackling the cause – endocrine disrupting and carcinogen filled products most American women use every day.

Give More Good with Beautycounter.

Click here to text me for the invite. This will be fun

Friday 10/14 | Instagram LIVE with Kelsey Kersting | 2pm Central

Join Senior Manger Kelsey Kersting and I in a LIVE all about the Holiday 2022 Makeup Sets!

I’m @erinmariebassett on Instagram


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