Forever Cookware

When we decided to un-own our multiple pieces of cookware during our minimalism blitz we turned to one, traditional non-stick, “everyday” pan. That first one lasted about three years of almost daily use.

The second one, a ceramic “green” non-stick lasted about a year and a half.

We stuck with that one for a little bit longer while I hemmed and hawed over buying stainless steel ones that have a much higher price tag. But finally the moment came where we (Dan) had enough of trying to scrub that pan clean and a set of All-Clad were on sale so we took the kids to the store and got them.

I researched how to use stainless steel pans (warm them slowly, use an oil with a high smoke point so it doesn’t burn – avocado and coconut are the ones we go to) and so far, except for the night that I forgot I had veggies cooking, things have gone well and clean up has been easy.

We also have a small cast iron pan, a glass casserole dish and a few different sizes of enameled cast iron dutch ovens. These serve all our cooking needs.

I like the idea that these will likely be the last set of pans I ever buy. The kinds of things that can be handed down. The kinds of things that are like old friends helping you out in a jam. Or while making jam.

If you have non-stick cookware and are looking for ways to decrease your toxin exposure keep an eye out for sales on high quality stainless steel pieces during the next few months. (I’m looking for a deal on this Le Cruset Rectangular Dish with Platter Lid, in Oyster Grey).


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