What to get your Mom/Aunt/Sister-In-Law/Bff

Half of our family thrives off of Christmas lists. Tell em exactly what you want (size and color too) and they’ll buy it, wrap it and stick it under the tree. The other half wants no lists and likes to come up with a gift that will best suit you.

I honestly don’t know if I like one more than the other!

Whether your Christmas is list driven or not, or somewhere in between these are seven choices for pretty much any woman in your life.

Apolis Market Tote

Emblazoned with a custom message or monogram! These bags are made to last at least 8 years. They’re waterproof, washable and they provide fair trade wages, profit dividends and a retirement fund for the Bangladeshi mothers who make them. (Apolis is a certified B Corp)

Shop at apolisglobal.com

Beautycounter Sugarbuff Body Polish

This is my client’s favorite product and they buy it regularly. It smells like vacation and makes any shower feel luxurious. The blend of finely milled sugar, sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil leaves your skin gently exfoliated, super hydrated and amazingly soft.

Plus your purchase helps to support the mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone by helping Beautycounter meet with law makers who can promote health protective laws. Ingredients are not only the safest available but they’re rigorously tested and sourced in through ethical and sustainable practices. (Beautycounter is a certified B Corp)

Shop at Beautycounter.com

Olli Ella Baskets

The “Laundry” baskets are pictured but these can hold so much more. Blankets, pillows, kid’s toys in the living room. Or heck, make laundry the stuff of a life style influencer’s slow motion video on social media. Why not!

They also have adorable toys and super comfortable clothing. Things are made by hand and sourced with sustainability in mind. (Olli Ella is also a certified B Corp)

Shop at olliella.com

Artifact Uprising Brass Easel Frame with Prints

We have Artifact Uprising prints all over the house. We put ours on the picture ledge and I have a poster print in our room. We’ve gifted grandparents the calendars and frames that hold prints and now each year we wrap up 10 new photos for their collection.

We’ve also made photo books to commemorate big birthdays and anniversaries and moving out of our first condo. It’s always special to have printed photos.

Plus Artifact Uprising products are Made In The USA of recycled and reclaimed materials.

My friend Sara of The GR Guide has a code for a discount. Use VISSER10 at checkout.

Shop at artifactuprising.com

Nespresso Maker

I use ours every day. And if she’s cutting back on coffee shop runs (It’s like $9 per latte these days) then she’ll appreciate being able to make her own at home.

Nespresso works to bring the world’s best coffees to your home. They’re devoted to creating a circular lifecycle for their pods. They’re made of recycled materials and recycling your used capsules is easy with a free mail back program and thousands of drop off locations. (Nespresso is a B Corp)

And use the code YYR653 for $40 the purchase of your machine.

Shop at nespresso.com

Bombas Gripper Slipper Socks

It went from 70 degrees to 30 and now I think today it’s even colder. I’ve been living in my slipper socks. These Bombas ones look so comfortable and soft and cozy and the grippers on the bottom are clutch. They come in mens, kids and toddler sizes too.

With every purchase Bombas donates to homeless shelters across America. The items they make for the shelters and other partners are thoughtfully designed to have more flexibility in sizing, darker colors which hides signs of wear and an antimicrobial treatment which extends the wearability between washes. (Bombas is a certified B Corp)

Shop at bombas.com

Nora Goes Off Script

My favorite novel of 2022. It is a romance without being sappy and predictable and there aren’t four page long sex scenes. (But it’s still a little steamy don’t worry.) The characters are fun to be around and feel real and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face while reading it.

Annabel Monaghan quickly became one of my favorite authors and I am looking forward to her next novel, Same Time Next Summer, arriving in June 2023.

Shop at amazon.com or wherever books are sold or look for it at your local library.


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