Is This The End…

Many of us, myself included, have had a love/hate relationship with Social Media. I still ride the fence. There are a lot of benefits and I’ll be forever grateful to learn this but I still prefer actually talking to people and I use the DM feature of Instagram a lot.

Like a lot a lot. Like almost as much as I text.

Sustainable Fashion/Capsule Wardrobe blogger Natalie Borton shared this article from the Atlantic and it got me thinking. Especially this quote from the second paragraph.

Social media was never a natural way to work, play, and socialize, though it did become second nature. The practice evolved via a weird mutation, one so subtle that it was difficult to spot happening in the moment.

Ian Bogost, The Atlantic

And I think that’s why I never really fell fully in love.

I founded a business in 2013 based on helping Influencers nee Bloggers connect with brands and earn money for posting. We got to work with so many amazing people and my favorite part was always the meetings where we talked about the marketing plan and who would be a good fit. Never the actual social media-ing itself.

My focus was on connecting. Which, if we think about it that’s what a network does. But it has turned into an endless show and tell where we’re all about as interested as my four year old in her circle time. Attention spans keep shortening. So many people I follow are sharing their “hooks” and “calls to action”. It’s all an effort to one up the poster in front of and behind you.

I’m drawn to “long-form” content like blog posts and email newsletters. It provides a chance to really dive deep into a topic but also education, entertain, inspire and persuade. And I don’t have to dance in front of my camera to do it.

That’s probably why I like blogging more than making reels. I don’t have to be a skilled photographer! I can use a beautiful stock photo or take a quick one myself and plop it into a canva template. (P.S. do you like the updated look of the blog? And the photo template? I need to go back and re-do past posts but that’s a project for another day.)

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a skilled stop-motion photographer or talented graphic designer or videographer please by all means continue to make content for social media. I’ll like, share and comment until the cows come home.

But if you’re kind of over it (or looking to diversify) here are my key tips for a successful email newsletter (which I think is the King of marketing).

Tell A Story

Use your newsletter as an opportunity to share the information you want/need to share but do it like you’re at brunch with a friend. Like you wouldn’t sit down and just go MY STUFF IS ON SALE YOU SHOULD BUY IT!

You’d likely say something like “I have been loving my skincare routine/air fryer/hedge trimmer/unicorn tears lately. Have you ever tried one?” And you’d have a discussion. Or better yet your friend would compliment you on your skin, trader joes apps, neat front yard and you’d have the opportunity to make a genuine recommendation.

One of my favorite email newsletters to receive is the one from Jen at Tonic Site Shop. She tells a vivid and often hilarious story and connects it to a marketing tip.

Don’t Just Sell You/Your Product

Sell other stuff. Ask for a recommendation if you’re looking for something. Or, hold on to your seat, don’t sell anything at all!

Some of my most responded to newsletters had zero sales in them. I shared honest and vulnerable content about my life and people CONNECTED to it and responded.

Don’t Measure By Sales

I measure the success of my email newsletters by open rate and replies that hit my inbox.

The truth is people have A LOT of options when it comes to what they spend their money on. And lately we’re not spending as much as we normally might have. C’est la vie. That doesn’t mean you throw in the towel and stop connecting!

Keep the embers going and when people are ready to spend their money and buy something you’re selling they’ll be more likely to turn to you.


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