6 Free Ways to Support Small Businesses

Dollars might not go quite as far today as they did a year ago but small businesses need support now more than ever!

First of all, there is nothing small about owning a business. You usually wear all the hats and it becomes everything. You drink, eat and sleep your business. Every sale is celebrated. Every set-back endured. Often alone.

And because things are felt most by the owner of the business your support will mean more. Think of it like a rain drop in a puddle vs a rain drop in the ocean. You can see how a raindrop in a puddle is more disruptive to the puddle as a whole. It’s the same for a small business.

The holiday shopping season has just begun and we’re past the flashy Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday hype.

1. Tell your friends and family

Word of mouth is the best for small businesses! If you can bring a buddy with you into the store even better. The more the merrier.

2. Follow them on social media

You can pick your favorite platform or follow them everywhere.

3. Engage with their social media posts

And once you follow them… engage! Like, Comment, Share and Save the posts. One, this tells the platform that you like their stuff so you’ll keep seeing it and then the platform does the math and recommends the store to other profiles like yours.

4. Tag them on social media when you use their products

This is like telling your friend where you got it. I know you might not think you’re an influencer but trust me, everyone and their dog is these days. If you’d tell someone where you got it in real life you can tell the internet too.

5. Write a positive review

Yelp is still a thing. Google reviews help too. If your fave small business is part of a “top 10” list or something similar share it, comment on that list and show your support!

6. Sign up for their newsletter

You know I’m a fan of email newsletters so this one isn’t a surprise. But I know several business owners who consider their email newsletter list their VIPs and treat them as such. (Myself included btw so sign up for mine here!)


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