Stocking Stuffers for Grown Ups

Our family goes big for Stocking Stuffers. This year, the adults on Danny’s side of the family are only getting stocking stuffers from each other so I’m excited to see what we pull out of these bad boys.

First of all though, Danny and my stockings are too skinny. Ours were drug store grabs one year and we’ve stuck with them ever since. I always thought once we had kids we’d get ourselves monogrammed ones and, well the kids have beautiful monogrammed ones and ours are still the CVS/Walgreens Special.

This year I started searching for stockings over the Black Friday weekend and didn’t find any that I loved. I’m going to visit West Elm in person because they had some options that looked promising, I just want to see them in person.

Regardless of if we upgrade our stockings or not we’ll be filling stockings three times this year! Once for Bassett Christmas, once for Christmas Christmas and once for Rickert Christmas. The kids are fun. Candy, fancy pens or markers and bandaids make great little gifts.

Adults can be tough. I don’t want to just put junk in there because I really enjoy finding the perfect gift for someone (so much so that sometimes I won’t give a gift at all because I don’t want to settle… whoops.) And I know my family reads this so let me just say, some of these will be in your stocking this year. And some will not.

Usually we keep stocking stuffers under $30 total. This year, because we’re not exchanging gifts on the Bassett side the budget is gone and that makes it more difficult but also more fun.

Here are my stocking stuffer ideas for adults in your life!

  1. Electric/USB Candle Lighter – No more fiddling with matches or running out of propane lighters. This candle lighter creates an electric wave and you simply put the wick in the current and it lights. You could pair this with a wick trimmer and a clean candle for a complete gift.
  2. Hand Cream – my pick is the Beautycounter Good Scents Hand Cream Trio. You could gift all three to one person or divide them up and slip one into three different stockings. That’s what I’ll be doing or teacher gifts.
  3. Lip Gloss – again, gift the whole set together or split them up. Either way the Beyond Gloss Mini Vault is a winner. If your recipient isn’t a “lip gloss person” then you can sub in the Lip Balm.
  4. Stainless Steel Cleaning Tabs – perfect for water bottles and travel coffee mugs.
  5. Device Wipes – I usually grab a multi pack and stick 3-5 in each stocking. And then also buy a pack for our house because our devices get super gross.
  6. Back Scratchers – Kind of a gag gift but not really, I’m itching for one of these in my own stocking. See what I did there?
  7. Reading Light – I know I should be encouraging my family to go to bed early instead of staying up all night to read but there are a few of us who can’t put good books down.
  8. Fidget Toy – these Specks look so cool. They’re little magnetic pebbles that work like putty and I can see myself getting lost for way too long playing with it.
  9. Spices – mini Penzey’s jars have showed up in our stockings for years and this Salsa and Pico one is amazing in smashed avocado or hummus.
  10. Coffee Shop Gift Cards – these are actually good for kids too. Our kids LOVE getting to pay for their bakery case treat with their own card.
  11. Restaurant Gift Cards – you can go the tried and true route or find a new spot for your recipient to try!
  12. Blue Light Glasses/Reading Glasses – I have three different pairs of the blue light glasses in my cart… for myself! I already have two pairs at my desk so I haven’t checked out but these blue light glasses are SO CUTE it’s tough to resist.
  13. Airpod Carrying Case – now that both Danny and I have airpods I got myself a case so we could tell them apart! It isn’t often that our airpods are in the same space but when they are it’s impossible to tell the difference.
  14. Bath Bomb/Shower Steamers – These are such a fun stocking stuffer. Give the gift of a luxury wash up with a bath bomb or shower steamer tabs. They dissolve in the water and turn your shower into an aroma therapy session.
  15. Stain Remover Spray – I got this as a stocking stuffer and it’s amazing. I don’t work too hard to remove stains from the kids’ clothes. They’re a lost cause but on my clothes… this stuff has been great. (also available in wipes)
  16. SPF Lip Balm (Tinted, Untinted) – our family is taking a trip to Florida after New Year’s before school starts again and since we haven’t seen the sun in a few months SPF will be vital. I gift the tinted ones to the ladies and the untinted ones to the men.
  17. Resuable Eye Masks – Beautycounter used to make eye masks but the disposable nature of the product didn’t align with the company’s climate friendly goals. So I was thrilled when I found these reusable eye masks. You simply put your favorite eye cream on and then plop these masks on top and let them seal in the product’s benefits for you.
  18. Liquid IV Hydration Packs – this are good for everyone. We all need a little extra hydration this time of year and even more if we’re traveling.
  19. Hot Sauce – spice up Christmas dinner with these mini hot sauce bottles.
  20. Swedish Dish Clothes – I love these things. You get them wet and they absorb spills, clean counters and wash dishes and then you can plop them in the dishwasher for a sanitizing sesh! Mine last about four months and then they get added to the compost bin.
  21. GIR Utensils – the Spoonula (spoon and spatula combo) and the Ultimate Spoon (and mini spoon) get used in our home almost daily.

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