Trust by Hernan Diaz

I read a lot. This book came as a recommendation from some friends on Instagram (Ali most recently) and I have to say that I was initially confused but so glad I stuck with it.

The novel is broken into four sections with four different “authors” (but all actually written by Hernan Diaz) and follows central characters. Part one is riveting. Part two is interesting. Part three is intriguing. Part four is enthralling.

It is a story that has you feeling different things for the characters as it unfolds and while it isn’t suspenseful in the way a thriller is it does keep you guessing and there are twists and turns.

In Part One our main character is a financial tycoon who navigates the market down turns of the 1920s and comes out on top. We get to know his history, his wife and his philosophy towards life. In Part Two we hear an autobiographical version of part one. Part Three is a biographical version and Part Four is when we hear from a brand new character that ties up several loose ends.

The other interesting part of this novel is that it is written in most prose which is different than my usual romance dialog and internal dialog style. It took me a minute to get used to it but I really enjoyed it and I think it helped to tell the story. The writing style itself became a character.

This book was just named one of the top 5 works of fiction by the New York Times Book Review. I would recommend this to, honestly, anyone. It doesn’t necessarily appeal to one audience over another. It has financial highs and lows, personal relationships, immigrant perspectives and political commentaries while letting you make up your own mind about the story.

If you read it – let me know! I’d love to text about books.

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