The Gunkle by Steven Rowley

The Gunkle came out in May of 2021 and I purchased it in the summer of 2022, started it, felt like it would make me feel sad and tabled it for six months.

I finished it in two days once I picked it back up. Such a heartwarming story!

And, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I did tear up, twice. Once while I was waiting for my kid to finish swim class. The other time at the end.

This is a story about human capacity and how some might see your ability before you do. How others might see your pain that you have become numb too. How others can heal along with you.

I endeared myself to these characters as soon as I picked up the book again. What starts as a very sad first few pages blooms into a vibrant and funny novel. The funny comes from Patrick, the Gay Uncle, Gunkle, and his interactions with his niece and lisp equipped nephew.

Together these three navigate their grief and learn that moving on is possible when you lean on each other.


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