What to wear when it’s below zero

The snow pants in the bin that belong to me no longer button. For two reasons. Kid one and kid two.

My hips just aren’t the same! Which is fine because we’re not skiing as a family yet and now that people are allowed to hang out inside together we’re not huddling out in the snow to get social interation.

But it does leave me in a bit of a spot when the temperatures plummet.

Growing up in Wisconsin and being of a skiing family I am familiar with all the cold weather accessories, tips and tricks. Technology has improved since I was a kid and the cold weather gear is seriously amazing. I’m a firm believer in “there’s no bad weather, just bad equipment.”

These days all I need to bundle up for is the twice daily school run. Occasionally playing in the snow (that’s when I tie the snow pants on with ribbons and rubber bands). And maybe once a week something kind of warm and cute for date night.


This is probably obvious but layers help keep you warm. They trap air which creates an insulating pocket. I usually go for a pair of workout leggings and then a pair of sweatpants. Fleece lined sweatpants if it’s really cold. Bonus points if your first layers are made with natural fibers (cotton, wool). There are larger air pockets in the weave of these fabrics which allow for more air closer to your body.

First: Vibrant Body tank top

Second: Patagonia pull over

Third: leggings

Fourth: sweat pants

Fifth: Bombas Merino Wool socks


Before heading out the door I slide on my second pair of pants and then reach for the gear best suited for the cold. The one thing that has helped more than the rest is a neck warmer/gaiter. Mine is a few years old from Anthropologie but these are available now.

First: neckwarmer

Second: hat

Third: puffy coat

Fourth: flannel lined waterproof boots

Fifth: insulated mittens

Date Night

I really wouldn’t have a problem wearing two pairs of pants to date night but I’ve been trying to dress up for them more recently. For my birthday dinner I wore a long sleeved maxi dress with a sweater over it (and did the fancy belt tuck trick).

Other nights it’s jeans and a sweater with wooly socks tucked into wedge heeled Ugg boots. My Uniqlo HEATTECH pants are in the rotation too.

Dan wears a pair of long underwear under jeans for the school run. Afternoon pick up is tougher because you have to get there and then wait for the kids to come outside. The kids are in their snow pants and boots and jackets and neck warmers and hats and mittens and generally sweating because kids always seem to be hot so they’re not in a rush to get home.

Promises of hot chocolate work for both the kids and myself to get us moving home a little more quickly.


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