Our Spring Table

We are still a month out from the calendar telling us it is Spring. There are hints. The two random hyacinths that live under our lilac have sprouted. The daylight has stretched out for minutes and the shadows in the house have shrunk inch by inch.

I’ve started to shop for skirts and dresses and sneakers.

It was during one particularly long online cart-filling-and-then-abandoning scheme when I realized that I wanted to freshen up our dining room table. I was looking for something fresh and fun and colorful that wouldn’t require me to purchase an entirely new set of dinnerware (especially since me buying plates we don’t “need” is a hot button issue).

Similar to the luncheon plates the first inspiration I found was from Anthropologie.

Spring in a place setting right there! Immediately I began to envision this on our table. Minus the gold flatware because we have perfectly good stainless steel flatware in the drawer. And the pink glasses because we have perfectly good clear glass glasses in the cupboard. And the blue plate because, well, I’m not allowed to buy any new plates without getting rid of some we have and I LOVE the ones we have (Grandma Bassett’s Arroc Glass set, two Lenox Luna sets and the vintage luncheon plates mentioned above).

So I decide I can add a green gingham table cloth to our home. Proceeded to put this one in my amazon cart.

I couldn’t shake how good the blue plate on the green table cloth and the pink napkin looked together so I quickly added a set of baby blue round placemats to put under our clear glass plates and pink block patterned napkins to the amazon cart too.

I’m thrilled with the results!

Yes I need to press the table cloth but I got so excited when it arrived that I just tossed it on the table! (Also this is an asparagus and shallot ragu from Milk Street: Tuesday Nights Mediterranean that Danny made over the weekend and it’s delicious.)

I’m excited to be eating at this springy table for the coming season. I also realized that this spring table scape was basically the summer table scape I had been admiring from one of my favorite influencers, Charlotte Reiss, founder of Vivi et Margot, a french homewares and lifestyle brand.

So then I went about adding wicker placemats to the amazon cart too although I haven’t purchased them yet, they’re nestled snuggly in the “save for later” section along with flatware and a french style free standing kitchen island I want to add between our dining room built ins.

Now if I were going to go for broke (don’t worry Danny I won’t) I’d be buying Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Plates (new or vintage), a few different sets of flatware (ivory handled and gold) and some colored glass tumblers (La Rochere Bees in green or these in pink and orange).

Here’s the rest of my inspiration from Anthro and Vivi et Margot/Charlotte Reiss.

I’d also be shopping for wicker tub chairs for our patio table with assorted throw pillows, a few more table clothes, a set of bentwood hairpin chairs that we can use for extra seating indoors and out and a frame to grow vines on over our patio table.

Does your dinner table need a little refresh? Here are all my picks for a spring table scape.


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