The Accidental Inheritance

a novel by Cate Woods

I received an advanced reader copy of this novel and it recently kept me warm on a cold and rainy day.

As the seasons turn to Spring and Summer, Cassidy’s welcome warms and she is embraced by the villagers. Well most of them. As the great-great-great-great grand daughter of the original owner Dithercott Manor she is at odds with the current family in residence. Her ancestor gambled away the estate but the rumor of a “lost deed” granting ownership back to the Beeswhistle family puts her at odds with the Bamford-Blighs.

Focusing instead on opening the Gastropub of her dreams, Cassidy works to restore the inn and develop a menu that uses local ingredients and suppliers. Opening a restaurant is not for the faint of heart and Cassidy deals with her fair share of hurdles; ancient plumbing, fire hazards and negative reviews.

I enjoyed the story and the characters and this book was the perfect escape on a rainy winter day. I wish the romance could have unfolded a little more throughout the book but I loved Cassidy’s journey so much that I didn’t really mind until I finished the book.

If you loved Lucy Checks In you’ll love The Accidental Inheritance.


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