Give while the gettin is good

This year I am taking holiday gifting to the next level. In the month of October I’ll be donating $1 for every gift set sold by myself and my team to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

BCPP works to prevent the disease because 90% of breast cancer cases are not linked to genetics. This is why moving towards a low-tox lifestyle is vital for us and everyone around us. Their work is focused in four main areas.

  1. Work with communities most highly impacted by the environmental exposures linked to breast cancer.
  2. Translate science into education and action.
  3. Press businesses to make products safer.
  4. And pass health-protective laws.

BCPP believes all people need access to healthy food; safer, nontoxic products; and protection from exposures linked to breast cancer where they live and work.

BCPP and Beautycounter are official partners and fear of cancer was one of the reasons I started to use Beautycounter in the first place. We were on a major clean out path and I decided that if I was going to bring products into our home they were going to be clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

1 in 8 women will face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. We can change that for ourselves and the women younger than us if we take serious action now.

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